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'The Most Sustainable Restaurant in Oxfordshire'

'The Best Café  in Oxfordshire'


The Vaults and Garden was established by William Pouget with the vision of creating a socially positive café hub built on the principle of ecological sustainability.


To achieve this we have focused on:

'Sourcing local, organic and ethically produced goods and ingredients'

We have been buying our organic heritage vegetables from David Blake for over 17 years, David has trained in permaculture and Biodynamic growing and his produce is exceptional.   We

source our organic longhorn beef from Tim at Hampton Gay. Genuine Free range pasture rasied eggs are supplied by Mayfeild eggs. Shade grown Organic coffee beans from el Calapo in Colombia are roasted for us by the Missing Bean. Social enterprise Proof and Tap social supply bread and beers we use local suppliers wherever possible and have key partnerships across Oxfordshire. 

'No Waste Catering'

From menu planning, recipe formulation, purchasing, food preparation, portioning & service, we aim & train to minimizing wastage of ingredients & food. This allows us to use more expensive organic produce without raising our prices!


We recycle everything possible including all cardboard, glass, paper and most plastic. Our dream is to legally & economically compost all our biodegradable waste and we know its going to come true soon!

'Promoting healthy detox living'

In a modern world with polluted air, water and food and diets that are unsuited to lifestyles, climate and metabolic needs, we can end up feeling like a wreck. 

We chose our ingredients, develop our recipes and plan our menus with a view to creating healthy & nutritionally balanced options that will appeal to broad range of people, also accommodating special dietary needs.

Our food contains no MSG, minimal sugar, minimal oil and no artificial ingredients.

We also stay away from microwave ovens, Teflon coatings, plastic utensils and short-life or toxic equipment. 

'Helping to stimulate discussion and promote awareness of individual and social well-being and ecological issues' ​

At Vaults and Garden we host socially, ecologically and culturally inspired events as well Community Events. We support and organize events open to the public, talks, discussions and presentations as well as convivial banquets, live acoustic music and more.

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See Will visit our Organic Vegetable farm! 
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