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At the Vaults and Garden we think local is best, that's why our Oxfordshire partnerships are so important to us. 


For the last 15 years we have been working alongside local farmers and suppliers to source the best ingredients in order to create the tastiest dishes possible. Not only does this make for delicious food but staying local also minimises our environmental impact as we don't import our ingredients from overseas. All our produce is organic meaning there are no harmful pesticides or fertilisers meaning our food not only tastes better but there is also less harm done to the environment. 

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North Aston Organics - are a Soil Association registered grower of organic vegetables and culinary herbs. All their produce is grown without fertilisers and pesticides making them a great source of fresh seasonal vegetables for us.

Sandy Lane Farm - Sandy Lane are a traditional, family run organic farm only 10 miles from central Oxford with over 30 years experience of organic farming. Their ethically reared free range meat helps contribute to our delicious main dishes.  

Visit their website here

Shipton Mill  - Shipton Mill specialise in milling organic flour and it's this that we use every single day to make our freshly baked scones. This historic mill has been producing flour since the 11th century AD and at the core of their philosophy is the desire to protect the environment, source considerably and protect soil fertility.

Find out more about Shipton Mill here

Willowbrook Farm - Willowbrook is a family run farm located in rural Oxfordshire who are committed to environmental sustainability and maintaining the natural biodiversity of the land. Their livestock are treated ethically and provided with a healthy non GM diet making them the perfect source of eggs and meat for us.  

Find out more here:


Worton Organic Garden - We have been working with David at Worton Organic Garden for 15 years and receive our fresh seasonal vegetables from him on a weekly basis. Our menu is dictated by what's in season leading to an exciting and ever changing variety of dishes with fresh local vegetables. David is also kind enough to give us gorgeous flowers to decorate the Vaults during spring and summer!

Find out more about Worton Organic Garden on their website:

Good Food Oxford - Oxford's sustainable food network 

Good Food Oxford is a network for a better food system in Oxford, working together for healthy, fair, sustainable and tasty food. GFO was launched in 2013 and we at the Vaults and Garden have been involved from the very start. All of our venues are a part of this network and we are proud to have partnerships with many of the other members such as FAI farm in Wytham who provide us with our delicious free range eggs.

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